Pool Locations

We have many pool locations (especially in the summer). We are always looking for more pool space! 🙂 Explore the options below and then get your lesson reserved.


East Millcreek

This a gorgeous outdoor pool. It is around 13 yd, kept very warm. This pool is great for nearly all levels and abilities with the exception of those needing longer distances for technique refinement.

West Murray

This is a beautiful outdoor pool. This pool is about 8 yds and kept nice and warm. This pool is ideal for young children or any age that is just starting out!

Murray Pool

This is a beautiful indoor pool. It is only 7 yds, and is kept warm (around 89 degrees), and is ideal for young swimmers and all ages just starting out! The parking here is tricky though, so pay attention to your emails! 🙂

U of U pool (HPER NAT)

This is an amazing 25 yd pool. It is cold though, and therefore NOT suitable for younger children or learn-to-swim lessons (as they will get too cold and discourage learning). This pool is best for adult to teen-age swimmers able to swim at least 25 yds at a time.