Kids Got Lessons?
CALL 801.449.0124 TO GET STARTED TODAY! Lessons are scheduled once or twice a week with a consistent time. Fees are calculated per lesson depending on the level of the instructor, and billed monthly. Semi-private lessons are for...
Triathlete Training Programs
We have several programs available to any competitive swimmers who are looking to improve their swimming, as well as incorporating training and tips on the run and bike races for Triathletes. Information on pricing can be found here. Jamie...

We teach people to swim in a private or semi-private setting, customizing the lessons around the age, ability, and interest of the swimmer.  We offer year round swimming lessons for all ages (6 months and up), levels, and abilities at several pools around Salt Lake & Davis County!  You may start lessons at anytime during the month.  Sign up today!

We teach all infants and children survival floating and survival swimming on top of basic swimming skills. This technique has saved lives!  Children learn proper swimming technique as well as diving and introduction to competitive swimming.  We also work with children with disabilities and people who have a fear of the water.

We train triathletes and swimmers for stroke improvement, increased speed, increased endurance, increased power in the water, and for less anxiety and fear in open water. Triathletes will also cover skills such as how to train for the swim and proper technique. In the summer we hold open water swim clinics that teach swimming straight in open water, how to sight for a buoy, indoor and outdoor triathlon racing, drafting, passing, etc.

Swimming lessons are best when done once or twice a week and over a specific period of time.  This creates better retention. We book 30-minute lessons and sell these lessons in packages.